9.90:: What is your ROI on your Quote Templates?

Does your Quote Template generate a healthy profit for you?

Hi there, I’m Jürgen Schmechel and today I want to talk about Quote templates and what it can do for you.

A couple of years back a client of mine wanted to create a Quote Template which should serve multiple purposes. The sales person wanted a quick and easy way to create a quote for their clients. This quote should include pictures, prices and legal information like terms and conditions and so on. At the same time these quote template should follow a certain logic and certain rule.

So that in the end a bill of material would be created to inform the supply chain and the people, who implement this at the client’s place, about what was ordered and what was not.

So we created a quote template build in Excel and with multiple spreadsheets attached, so that the sales person could use it, create a quote for the client, create the bill of materials for the supply chain and everybody was happy. J

So the outcome for my client was first of all a happy customer, which was important. Because their quotes now looked interesting, comprehensive and logical.

The sales team was happy because they now could quote faster and more concise.

Obviously important for them: by that the turnover went up, the profit went up. So the ultimate outcome for you with a working quote template is a happy sales team, happy customers and a happy bottom line.

Are you using your quote templates to the best effort?

What are you losing out on, if you are not looking into your workflow and analysing your quote templates you have already.

To give you another example of a quotation system I’ve created.

Let’s talk about a client which offers bespoke travels to Africa, Latin America and other beautiful places on earth. Each of their offered travel itineraries is different, but at the same time following a certain logic.

Again we used Excel to build a system based on multiple spreadsheets because it is so flexible. It is easy for my client to add new stunning destination all the time and making the experience for their customers a unique one.

So we have multiple Excel spreadsheets involved in this process and all hinges on a database for these bespoke itineraries. The outcome for this client was an increase of nearly 50% in productivity. So the same number of consultants could suddenly serve more customers and clients.

And of course again the profit for my client went up.

So how is your quote template working for you?

What is your return on investment?

And talking about travelling: after my last trip to Africa I wrote a book called “Business Lessons from an African Safari”. I was inspired by the nature over there, I was inspired by our experiences and thought, there is a relationship: principles in nature and principles in business.

So these are seven principles for success in your business.

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Thanks very much – looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day.